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Our philosophy.

Our business philosophy is simple. We want to make a difference.

More to the point, we want to help our clients make a difference.

In previous lives we both worked as members of senior management teams. We know how organizations work from the inside out.

We also have worked with community-based groups and know first hand the effectiveness – and the challenges – of working with diverse people and thoughts.

We believe we can serve the role of senior advisors, as extension of your senior staff. If you are fortunate enough to have a communication staff, we speak the language and can work as part of the internal team.

If you need to assemble a team, we can do that too. We are not designers or copywriters, but we know quite a few. Whether they work in our hometown or in a large city half way across the country, it doesn't matter to us.

What we do care about is working with people who understand strategy. No catchy phrases or pretty designs without purpose. In other words, they have to make a difference.

In short, here is what we're good at: Understanding organizational and community needs and identifying strategies to manage issues and reach goals. Good marketing doesn't stand alone. It resides within the people of an organization or community.

We can help you establish your goals (plan), learn about your target audience (research), come up with an internal or external team to make it happen (implement) and figure out if it worked or not (evaluate).

When it comes right down to it, our specialty is listening, developing strategies and managing issues.

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